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Friday, April 27, 2007

How to Apply Illuminati Control In Everyday Life

Whether the Illuminati exists or not is not something that will be argued in this article. Instead let's take all that is rumored about The Illuminati and extrapolate rules that anyone can learn and apply into their lives to gain more and more control.

What follows are the sutras of power used by the Illuminati.

1) Real Control is from a higher level.

True power has an effect upon where one applies it. The more power one wields the broader and deeper it's affect. This is done only by understanding that all power is in a hierarchy and to climb the steps of the pyramid of power one will control more and more that rests beneath.
The peak of the control is the eye at the top of the pyramid.

2) One can only go “a level up” by having more information.

Information, specifically the right information is the key to gaining a higher level of control. There is a great deal of information available and most of it will not help

3) The right information will control more down the level when it's applied. (The metaphor of the pyramid/eye).

One of the symbols that people use to point to the Illuminati is the image of the “All Seeing Eye” on top of the pyramid. This can be thought of as a metaphor for control. Namely that it is the top of pyramid that controls everything beneath it. We can use and apply that by asking what is it that we control and what is outside of our control.

4) Searching for the right information requires suspending disbelief in order to diligently test the knowledge.

Judgment and analysis are very useful but when if comes to power it is much better to find out what works than to base your action on a theory.
A good example of this is in advertising. The advertising industry spends a great deal of money to find out what headline will get the best response. They don't guess they test. What they discover is that some headlines will increase a products sales by 5% to 30% without really understanding why. For advertisers know “why it works” is never as important as knowing that it works. They don't know and don't care. So they test, test and test everything to get climb higher up the pyramid of control.

5) All Illuminati control appears invisible.

The best power should appear invisible. The Illuminati remains invisible either because they don't exist or because the strings of control they pull can always be explained away. To apply this rule it must always seem that you have less control that you do. Thus no fingers of blame can point to you.

6) Invisible control is the result of right information applied to distract those being controlled.

Control, Real CONTROL, is the result of directing ones attention so perfectly that they become absorbed by the distraction and not see what is truly going on. Like a magician who reaches into his pocket to grab a coin no one suspects his true reason is to hide the dollar bill he had just palmed in his hand.
Conflicts work in this way. By creating a conflict some people (and nations) are able to turn the attention of others away from larger issues.

7) Control and power are amoral.

This is a hard one for most to grasp. Power is a tool nothing more. It's neither good nor bad.

8) Applying morality to control and power limits the extent and effectiveness of the control.

Morality is a knee jerk response to dealing with things we don't understand. Things like terrorism and cults fall so outside most peoples experience that we tend to judge them as “crazy” or “monsters” and in so doing we unconsciously are saying “I don't want to REALLY understand this.”
So if you want to most effectively wield power and control put aside your judgment of how it's used. You will learn a lot.

9) Silence isn't golden, it is gold.

Silence, says so much more than words.
Many people when they learn a new card trick are often eager to reveal the secret to their friends. When they give away the secret they get momentary attention but the attention quickly fades. On the other hand if they keep the secret of the trick and continue to perform it their silence becomes a powerful tool that builds up their self image and esteem. It also slowly builds an image to them in the eyes of their friends.
It's hard to understand the power of a secret unless you are keeping one that is truly important to you.

10) Even the most educated beneath you must remain ignorant.

This goes back to the symbol of the pyramid that represents knowledge and power. As one climbs the pyramid they learn more. Those who have not reached a level of knowledge and power must prove themselves as trustworthy before they can proceed any further. This process protects the secrets of power and instills the importance of silence and secrecy.

11) Control means being able to be on both sides of a conflict or limiting the terrain of the conflict or both.

This is one of the higher level understandings of the Illuminati. Conflicts happen either by design or by a natural course of events. If it by design then both sides can be influenced by a third force. If a conflict occurs on it's own then a third unseen force and restrict the battling parties to the terrain, which can also include the rules of combat and even define what they are to fight over.


Everyone wants at least enough power to experience peace of mind. Some want more. These insights of how the so-called Illuminati exerts power can benefit anyone who has the will to use them.

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