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Monday, April 23, 2007

Freemason witchcraft video

Please note not all Freemasons are uterly evil, but high ranks learn about the true agenda of their soiciety. Aleister Crowley claimed he was a 33 Degree Mason, and he had the masonic clothes. He either lies, or he actually was atleast connected to them. It makes no sence that he would dress in masonic outfits, and claim to be a Freemason, and hang out with freemasons if he wasn't a freemason. Thats insane. Of course he was a freemason.
Keep it simple stupid K.I.S.S Is the only way I know to be. And I look at the obvious. If the sky is blue I don't call it green.

This video shows Masons are not Godly, and practice witchcraft.

Nothing else to say really. except pray for me. I do not know what reaction this may cause. Let us stand up for truth. We must resist This satanic cult. This was a very hard video to make because it is sick, and very unhuman. We are more than them in number. So we need each other.


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